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Saree: The Trendiest and Sexiest Wear of All Times
over 2 years ago

Saree is by far the trendiest wear on the horizon of the fashion world. In India, all women will attest that saree is by far the classiest. With all the fashion trends that have come and gone, Saree has managed to stay fresh and in vogue for centuries. But, some of us still associate sarees with worn-out fashion that only moms and aunties wear. But if you have a glance at the trendiest fashion magazines, then you will see that all divas in Bollywood dress up is the sexiest 9 yards. The sarees range from plush chiffon to comfortable linens. 


The 21st century is all about change, and the women of today have not confined themselves within the four walls of their households. They experiment with their styles and change them whenever they please. In 2020, sari is making a major comeback. The nine yards was always raging in the fashion horizon, but it is coming back all the more, and this time with a bang. 


The woman of today exudes flamboyance and confidence in whatever she does. She no longer has a stereotypical image to follow. But, being active and more involved with the outside world does not mean that you will have to lose your graceful femininity. Instead, you can conquer the world by your charm and be the queen in a sari—the most feminine attire of all. 




In the past few decades, the choices of blouses and other accessories that went with sarees were also limited. But the scenario has changed in that arena as well. You get the fanciest of blouses and the coolest of jewelry to go with your saris. 


If you are particularly keen on knowing what's in store for the sari fabric in 2020, then let me tell you that chiffons and linens are being lauded a lot. Top-notch designers are designing Bollywood sarees in the most comfortable linens — the geometric and color-block patterns are currently the fashion favourites of many divas. You can as well drape on a plain piece of Indian saree and amp up your look with chunky pieces of jewelry. 




In the department of the blouse, you can wear a backless blouse with full sleeves to keep it sexy and classy at the same time. If you are attending a cocktail night, then a strappy blouse with a bit of bling on it is the perfect piece to flaunt. 


Yet another glamorous sari type in this year is the transparent saree. This type of sarees hides and reveals in the perfect proportion. These are super chic sarees that you can drape on to flaunt your curves. But, if you want a drape of a more conservative yet pretty kind, consider wearing a simple cotton saree. These are ample ways to doll yourself up in cotton. These drapes are versatile and have a lot of oomph. 


Never forget to accessorize though. Put on a pretty pair of shoes, a matching bag, and your pretty smile to make heads turn. 


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